Ostéopathie vétérinaire

Dr. Geneviève Beauchamp v.m.


In May 2007, after five years of study, Dr. Beauchamp graduated from the Faculté de médecine vétérinaire de l’Université de Montréal, thus fulfilling one of her greatest childhood dreams.

Dr. Beauchamp began her career at the Lachine Veterinary Clinic in 2007 where she cared for pets and exotic animals for 9 years. Eager to take on new challenges, she then worked for 5 years at Sherwood Park Veterinary Hospital where she learned the basics of "low stress" and "fear free" techniques.

Dr. Beauchamp adores animal diversity, she treats small animals as well as rabbits, reptiles, parrots and backyard chicken. She even trained in aquarium fish medicine. She firmly believes that no matter what species, breed or where it comes from, every animal has the right to receive adequate care. Having animal welfare at heart, Dr. Beauchamp was looking for a way to relieve her patients who do not respond or respond little to traditional medicine treatments. Over the course of her research, she discovered complementary medicines and began a course in veterinary osteopathy in 2018. Complementary therapies are a revelation for Dr. Beauchamp: she sees a real improvement in the quality of life of her patients following osteopathic treatments.

In the fall of 2021, following obtaining her certification in veterinary osteopathy, Dr. Beauchamp decide to leave general practice to concentrate entirely on her mobile service in complementary medicine in the greater Montreal area. She will soon be starting her course in veterinary acupuncture.


Osteopathy is a therapy that was developed in 1874 by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still who views the body as a whole where all organs and tissues are interconnected. Through fine manipulations, the therapist finds areas of tension in the body and then releases them, thus increasing blood and lymphatic circulation. Following treatment, thanks to its self-regulation capacity, the body regains a state of balance and thus improves patient comfort.

Under the legislation of Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec (https://www.omvq.qc.ca/), only veterinarians are authorized to provide complementary medicine to animals. The 4 complementary medicines recognized by the OMVQ are osteopathy, acupuncture, spinal and joint manipulation therapy and physiotherapy.

Osteopathy is an ideal complement to traditional medicine. This therapy is beneficial as much for chronic conditions (osteoarthritis, IBD, allergies, convulsions, kidney problems), as for acute conditions (trauma, hernia, sprain, rupture of cranial cruciate ligament, wound), or following surgeries or dentistry. The pain or discomfort caused by these pathologies leads to compensations for the body and thus to multiple tensions disseminated throughout the body. By releasing these tensions, the animal feels more comfortable, the healing process may be speeded up for acute conditions while the progression of chronic disease may be slowed or the episodes of relapse reduced over time.

Offered services

Dr. Beauchamp only offers a mobile osteopathic service for pets and exotic animals (reptiles, avians, small mammals) in the greater Montreal area. For any general practice or emergency consultation, please consult your regular veterinarian or the nearest emergency center.